Below is a few examples of some of the recent work that we have done in businesses and homes. If you have any queries we would be happy to speak to you. Call us on  028 71261177 or send us to email on

The pictures to the right are an example of a house that we worked on in Letterkenny that has been infected with Dry Rot. There are typical a few tell tale signs of dry rot which you should look out for.

These include: Fungal type odour, Fungal growth appearing on the affected timbers with visible signs in the adjoining masonary, Cracks and cubing effect in timbers & Dry Rot Spores spread quickly 

Below is an example of a house  that was experiencing rising dampness. We offer services which are able to Damp Proof your home or business.

Example of Rising Dampness

Rot in the home are the most common causes of damage to timber in a property.

To the left is an example of rot in a house in Ballyliffin that we were working on getting rid of.