Dry And Wet Rot

Dry And Wet Rot in the home are the most common causes of damage to timber in a property. The good news is that these infestations can be successfully, and combined with our expert advice and recommendations it is unlikely to reoccur in these areas.

There are a number of causes of Dry And Wet Rot in timbers but the main causes are usually moisture in timber, and timber not properly ventilated. The elimination of the moisture and the provision of good ventilation is paramount in eliminating these infestations.

Signs of Wet Rot

  • Damp musty smell
  • Loss of strength and structural integrity in timber
  • Discolouration and cracking of the timber
  • General distortion of the timber e.g. swelling or warping.

Wet Rot is commonly known as Brown Rot. Sometimes there is a brown web like fungus visible.

Tell tale signs of Dry Rot

  • Fungal type odour
  • Fungal growth appearing on the affected timbers with visible signs in the adjoining masonary.
  • Cracks and cubing effect in timbers. 
  • Dry Rot Spores spread quickly 

The above points are the basic signs of dry rot. Give us a call on (028) 7126 1177 and we can take a look at it.